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Tri-Mark Enterprise Company is a market leader and professional manufacturer in Cable and Connector industries in China for around 25 years.

The company was founded under More Lake Ind. Ltd. in 1987 with a mission to provide a Total Solution and Total Satisfaction for any cable and connector products that one (Manufacturer, Assembly Factory, Importer/Exporter, Dealer and Wholesaler etc.) may need for any of his/her electronic and electrical product or customers.

Tri-mark is outstanding from other cable and connector manufacturers in recent decades being In-House the company produces Copper Wire and PVC Resin thus it could minimize its production cost and offer a full range of cable and connector products in the market. In fact, seldom factories in China or other countries will have the similar one-link production structure as Tri-mark!! One can evaluate this by understanding that Tri-mark's customers also include other cable assembly factories / manufacturers in China, Thailand, Malaysia, India and USA.

Tri-Mark has a factory in Heyuan, Guangdong, China called Heyuan Hui Yi Electronic Factory (China) which are 100% owned by Tri-mark thus it could get rid of middle-man's mark-up and let Tri-mark concentrate on its products by Mass Production thus it could offer a more attractive factory price in the market.

Hui Yi Electronic Factory

Hui Yi Electronic factory is UL, VDE certified factory.  The factories have been well equipped with advanced facilities in their production line and laboratory for quality control matter thus they could provide a quality confidence to meet customers' high quality demand. Moreover, there are also thousand of well-trained and royalty workers in the factories under an effective and efficient management by Tri-mark in HK.

Hui Yi Electronic Factory
Responsible for making and processing of all kinds of cable, assembly and harness (such as all kinds of Power Cords, Computer / Printer Cables, Data / Modem / Monitor / USB 3.0 / MICRO USB / MOBILE CABLE / USB / Mini-USB Cables; HDMI Cable / Audio and Video Cables, DC Power Cables, Game Cables, Security (CCTV) Cables, Telephone Cables, Optical Cables, PDA Cables, Optical Cables, Coaxial Cable, GSM Phone Cables, Jumper Wire / Hook-Up wire, Telfon Wires, Common or other Tailor-made Cables for OEM projects and/or PCBA designs.

Responsible for making and processing of all kinds of Wire-to-Board and Board-to-Board Connectors such as Pin Headers, Wafers, Housings, Modular Plugs and Jacks, FPC Connectors, D-Sub Connectors, IDC Sockets, Terminal Blocks, Cellular Phone Plugs, DC Plugs and Jacks, Stereo / Mono Phone Plugs and Jacks; RCA / Din / Mini. Din / USB / Min. USB sockets and / or other PCB Plugs and Sockets - most of them are equivalent or compatible items for famous brands in the markets.
Tri-Mark's Core Competitive Advantages are Strict Cost Quality Control plus Superior manufacturing Experience + Shipment on schedule whereas Professional, Co-operation, Long-term Relationship, Excellent factory price, Good product quality and VIP service are our PROMISE for our customers.

Tri-Mark's slogan - "Tri-mark links cables and connectors to the electronic world" motivating us day by day towards a real market leader among worldwide cable and connector manufacturers.

Please feel free to send Tri-Mark your inquiry or drawings, the company will SURE respond IMMEDIATELY and follow with samples for an approval if necessary.

"A long term and total satisfaction business relationship is our main concern"

Tri-Mark Enterprise Company (O/B More Lake Ind. Ltd.)
(852): 27950382 (8 lines) / Fax: (852): 27956300 /
Address: Flat D, 27/F, YHC Tower, 1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong